Thursday, July 23, 2015

Registration and prize purse incentive!

Here's a bit of a registration incentive for you all. (Currently only the top five Pro1/2/3 men and women finishers are competing for $400 in each of those two categories...$800 total + other swag awesomeness. All other categories are competing for prizes "only"...) IF the total number of non-junior pre-registered racers hits 300 by the time early registration closes on Sunday, September 6 (at midnight EST), the following payout schedule will be employed (bringing the total CASH purse to $2,120):

Pro/1/2/3 Men p/b Velocity USA: $800 to the top 8
Pro1/2/3 Women p/b Mountain Khakis: $800 to the top 8

Elite Masters 1/2/3 35+: $120 to the top 3
Elite Masters 1/2/3 45+: $120 to the top 3

Singlespeed (open) p/b BEER Components: $100 to the top 3

Cat. 3/4 Men 19-34: $60 to the top 3
Cat 3/4 Men 35-44: $60 to the top 3
Cat 3/4 Men 45+: $60 to the top 3

This is in addition to the Verge Sport winner's jerseys, Alma Brewing Co growlers to the first place finishers, NEMO Equipment, Inc., Helio showers to 2nd place, The Sufferfest - Cycling Training Videos to 4th place, and VeloInk to 5th place finishers. Plus the rest of the swag available thanks to our many awesome sponsors.

Is this awesome or crazy? Likely a little of both. Remember, this is valid for pre-reg numbers only... Last year we had 215 racers total. Let's blow that out of the water.

Did I say there was huge news to come? This isn't even close to being it. Hold onto your spandex, my friends. It's going to get crazy. Keep posted here - it's about to get even more awesome.

Register you and a friend here: