Monday, March 31, 2014

Spy Photos 2.0

 More spy photos from a recent recon walk on the property!
This photo is looking almost directly north. On the left you can see one of the many long mounds of decomposing piles of former yard waste. Some vary in height from 2' to 5' and have varying grades. Those will be fun.
One nice surprise were a few large piles of staircase material. Hopefully one of the coolest course features will be a 6 or 7 stair rise right near the registration tent, start/finish straight, and the race announcer. Based on the condition of the materials I'll see if I can get one other stair set on the grounds.
This is looking almost directly east down the start/finish straightaway. 125 to 150 m in length, all crushed gravel. Not pavement but the next best thing. Parking will be on the left in the above photo; the race course will be to the right (south).

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Saturday, March 15, 2014


Many thanks to TP Logos for continued awesome work on all promotional items and artwork for the Alma Grand Prix of Cyclocross p/b Eclipse Cycling!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Returning sponsor - Michigan Dairy Farm Families!

A BIG thanks to the Alma GP's newest sponsor, Michigan Dairy Farm Families!

ONCE AGAIN you'll be treated to free ICE COLD chocolate milk, white milk, yogurt, and cheese at the Alma GP. Additionally, registration and race HQ will be all underneath the tent sponsored by the Michigan Dairy Farm Families.

How can it get even MORE amazing? We'll once again have honest to goodness local dairy farmers helping out with awards! Apparently they had a blast last year and are looking forward to watching crazy cyclists ride and run around the venue on race day.

Now go buy some milk, ice cream, or other MICHIGAN made dairy product and support local milk!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Announcing the Alma Brewing Company!

After you pre-ride the course on Friday, September 5, stop by The Alma Brewing Company to pick up your bib number. Save the hustle and bustle on race day!

Of course they will be open after the race too...