Monday, June 30, 2014

Jersey pre-order!

Interested in a jersey but not sure you can win your race category to snag one? That's OK! If you order and pay by FRIDAY, July 4, at midnight, you're in luck!

Short sleeved jerseys are $30. LS jerseys are $34. LS thermal jerseys are $41. Add $5-7 for shipping or work it out to meet me somewhere mutually convenient!

E-mail racepromoter at gmail dot com with your order and for payment information.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Work day on Saturday, June 21!

THIS SATURDAY, June 21, from 10-1, will be a work day at the venue. Things needed:

Detroit Mower Gang - style mowing of the path. Push mowers at this point are best, as some of the lumps are large and in charge. Four push mowers would probably necessitate only two laps of the course for a complete cutting. Please bring gas, but I'll have a few gallons on reserve.

Following behind the mowers, the course should be raked to be free from debris. If you want to rake please bring a rake!

One of the old compost mulch piles needs to be cut down from scratch; two others need to be cut down a bit more than they already are. If you want to dig, please bring a spade and or a hard metal rake if you have one to help grade the ramps.

Random dirt-filling of old ruts from when this was an active compost area - these are hit and miss; some are worse than others but there are five or six that at this point would cause more than just an annoyance to your front wheel...

If you want to bring a bike to ride afterwards, I'd recommend 29'ers at this point, as the course is rough.

Plan on 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. (ish) on Saturday! If you are interested and available please either e-mail me (racepromoter at gmail dot com) or post up on Facebook in the comments!

THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR HELP! The next work day will be towards the end of July.